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October 15 2014

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Q: where do birds got when it rains?
A: 42

meh, not working well...
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October 14 2014

October 13 2014

October 08 2014

October 07 2014

October 06 2014

animator vs. animation (part 4)
a stick figure comes to life (...again)

kudos to alan becker for making a very nice stickfigure animation.
see the older 3 versions at his youtube-channel

October 04 2014

September 30 2014

September 27 2014

September 25 2014

September 24 2014

September 23 2014

September 22 2014

apertus axiom beta crowdfunder.
want to support a completely open source camera? check out this video!

September 20 2014

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