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November 14 2016

October 26 2012


this is what i imagine the future of umbrellas could be. i bet it can be used even when it's raining AND windy like hell ...

December 12 2011

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i bet that's really what would be happening...
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December 01 2011

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very interesting point of view on how spending more time playing games is going to make the real world a better place.

i really like the way she thinks...

August 02 2011

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this is - or might be - the future of gaming graphics: atoms - not polygons.

i am very curious what the future holds for us. if that is just a demonstration video without artistic effort - imagine what could be created if a team of blessed artists gets their hands on this engine...

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April 07 2011

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i love living now - the games to come will be  .... look for yourselves!

but i think i'll have to invest in new hardware soon :)

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October 19 2010

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