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January 12 2012

perfect :)
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June 16 2011


well, i knew that the avatar story was exactly the same as pocahontas - but this here is a new relevation to me...

Tags: pic plot movies
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November 17 2010


do i use the rifle from alien ? or a phaser ?

what did the ghostbuster-thingy do again ?

or shall i use the Noisy Cricket to blast my enemies to oblivion ??

tough choice ... :)

October 18 2010

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a nice timeline of movie-visual effects. some of these making-of's even i haven't seen before.

many geat movies are missing here, but - as RageTreb put it so nicely: 

"OMG You forgot (insert movie)! How is it you were unable to fit in every single movie ever made within the span of five minutes!?

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