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January 23 2013


changing minor to major.

at the beginning it hurts your ears, but then you will understand :)

May 06 2012

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one man is a whole band. thanks to looping.

and he has an amazing voice.

(oh, and he has a guitar with E and A string = flatwound bass-strings.)

March 27 2012

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the pterodactyl. oatmeals first singalong :)

very awesome

February 07 2012

once again. ok go made an awesome new music video.

December 06 2011

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i'm sorry. it was mind-tricked to post this awesome display of jedi/sith-music-cello battleness
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October 18 2011

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das schucki von hernals - von georg breinschmid (austrian jazz bassist)

apart from the groovy baseline, i especially like the lyrics :)

(it's in Viennese dialect)

April 10 2011


behold - the Portable Korg Wavedrum Mini !

turn any random surface into a wonderful drumset using the small clippie-thingy.

more info here @ gizmodo

November 11 2010

9293 1391
Nov 21

tortoise @ wuk 21.11.2010

19:00 wuk, vienna Add this event to a calendar application

October 16 2010

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the future of news: rapped news.

fancy way to handle news. and not boring either !

plus there's more: check out their youtube-channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thejuicemedia

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August 27 2010

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that's more like it.

rockband for real musicians !

Tags: video game music

July 21 2010


list of bands i would pay a fortune for to see live in concert

there is music... (i'm wondering if the bible got it all wrong: maybe it was like this [quote] god said: "let there be music": and there was music[/quote]. not that i believe in god....)

but there is music - and there is something that's much much more than just music. something that sets every fiber of your body in motion, whether you want it or not; something that fills a hole in your soul when nothing else can; something that has the ability to take the rain and smash it onto the ground to make place for bright sunshine; something that can make you lose track of time: 

that something is this special music you not only hear but feel. with your body, mind and soul. 

there are bands and artists out there who can induce this ...magic through recorded albums. but to hear them live on stage takes it to yet another level. and here starts my big dilemma: some bands just won't come to where i can experience them live on stage.

here's my list of bands i would gladly pay a (little) fortune for to see them live:

- bonobo (with band, not alone)

- jaga jazzists

- xploding plastix

- oscar peterson (but he's deceased. that one i will never be able to cross of my list....)

- nick drake (same here :(

- the beatles (damn it...)

- fanta 4 unplugged

- vlatko stefanovski & miroslav tadic

- royal crown revue

so, that's all i can think of at the moment.

July 20 2010

a nice video to the song "softer waves" from "protestant work ethic"
Tags: video music band

July 09 2010

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i suspected this for a long time - now i got proof: pop-songs are just made up from 4 chrods.

watch this video of an australian comedy trio playing a simple yet beautiful medley consisting of just 4 chords and quite a number of pop-songs you can play with these 4...

Tags: video music pop
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June 28 2010


YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar

ever wanted to have a guitar that doens't need tuning ? ever wanted to have a midi-controller that felt like a real guitar ?

then this is something 4 you :)

Tags: pic music guitar

June 17 2010

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ok. they've done it now 2 times. here and here. (well, actually 3 times - here too...) and now they did it again.

i cant' help it - "ok go" simply won't stop to amaze me with the geeky creativity their minds come up with regarding their music videos. although i don't like their music that much - the sheer ingenuity the use in their music-vids is just.....for lack of a better word: amazing.

i didn't know how much a mixture of slowmotion and stopmotion can influence the way you perceive images.

check it out - it's worth it !

June 10 2010

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..my lyrics are bottomless.....
Tags: video music

May 18 2010

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the ideas in this music video "radardetector" by darwin deez are - simply put - just amazing. 

why aren't there more creative (an cheap!) videos like this out there ?

March 04 2010


wer kennt das problem nicht ? auflegen mit ipod/mp3/cd/player und kein mixer zur hand.....

das ist jetzt vorbei :)

Tags: pic music
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